The unmasked USA

The by Manning and Snowden unmasked USA of Bush and Obama has since 9/11 more and more come to look like Orwell´s 1984. I had such high hopes when Obama was chosen but day by day my disappointment is growing – and all of it can´t be blamed on the Republicans and the stupidity of the war-mongers.

When will the people of USA and the world understand that terrorism can´t be fought with arms but has to be meet by justice, equality, humanism and true democracy, by openness and fairness, by fighting famine and desperation, not by waging wars but by building schools, not by exploitation but by planting trees, not by building dams but by stopping CO2 emissions, not by creating tax-breaks for the rich but by empowering the poor, not by information gathering but by building schools, not buy greediness but by planting trees, not by charity but by fairness, not by isolation, walls, settlements, border patrols, water cannons, teargas, control but by culture, contact, meetings across borders and nations, religions and languages.

Postad 11 June 2013 |