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Shame on us

779 men have since 2001 been unlawfully detained at Guantanamo by the US military. Some of them were considered to be terrorists, some of them just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Others were sold … Läs mer här

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The unmasked USA

The by Manning and Snowden unmasked USA of Bush and Obama has since 9/11 more and more come to look like Orwell´s 1984. I had such high hopes when Obama was chosen but day by day my disappointment is growing … Läs mer här

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Sweden down the drain

Back in the ”good old days” we here in Sweden had something called a ”mixed economy” as part of the Social Democratic Party´s policy. Infrastructure such as railways, roads, the water power dams, the electricity grid, health care, education and … Läs mer här

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Back in Stockholm

After nine months in Spain I am back in Stockholm and the feelings are mixed. To drive over the Öresundsbron (the bridge between Denmark and Sweden) and suddenly be surrounded by the 100 shades of green and the open and … Läs mer här

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Last month in Nerja

After a great and very interesting week of work in Brussels with the “experts” for EU looking at applications for support of translations of fiction I have only one more month here in Nerja. Time to start preparing the drive … Läs mer här

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On my way to Brussels for a week of concluding my on-line work for the European Union. Interesting work and I am looking forward to se Brussels for the first time. After that I only have a month left here … Läs mer här

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I just saw a runway video from the Madrid Fashion Week 2013 and fell in love with the two young designers Paula Broadas and Jessica Rayas work. They call themselve SSIC and Paul, you can see their presentation at and … Läs mer här

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At last

Finally my new home page is up. There is still a lot of stuff missing but I hope to little by little to add on more. Spending the winter here in sunny Nerja (although the last few days have been … Läs mer här

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The Boca Moment

The Boca Moment (Romney not gving a d. about 47 %) should give Obama 99 % of the votes! (The law of trust.)

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Driving through Europe

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